The Books in Boothbay Fair Was a Great Experience

It’s fair to say Richard Rubin interviewed World War I veterans who were over 100 years old for his book. Mary Lawrence writes mystery novels set in the 1500s peppered with her knowledge of Cytotechnology gained at our shared alma mater, Indiana University. Kevin Hancock’s quest led to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where he found his Center in the Land of Crazy Horse.

The Books in Boothbay Fair cobbled together a lively mélange of authors. To Charlene D’Avanzo the marine ecologist dressed in adventure gear holding a paddle who writes about solving murders with her sea kayak, I hope we can chat someday.

Why didn’t I meet Ms. D’Avanzo or the thirty other authors at the fair? Because I was busy selling books. And, people were buying. I saw one middle-aged woman head to the cash register with a stack cradled in her arms so large that she had to balance it with her chin. But, Jeff Curtis and the crew from Sherman’s Books kept the line flowing and customers happy.

Books in Boothbay Fair would not have happened without two high-quality local enterprises. So, thanks to the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library and especially Desiree Scorcia for my invitation and allowing me to meet a slew of interesting folks. And, thanks to Margaret Hoffman of the Boothbay Railway Village for keeping the trains running on time (and authors in line) and coming up with some excellent BBQ. Love it, let’s do it again next year. 


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